My Approach to Healing

Provide accessible, personalized, hands-on care

Teach you about your body and the tools you need to care for it

Apply movement as a key to strength, health, and joy

Empower you to actively participate in your recovery

There’s no magic fix, but together we can change your life. 

Pain is your brain’s way of getting you to pay attention, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let it control you. As your physical therapist, my goal is to gently but decidedly steer you in the right direction on your journey, so that you leave my care as an empowered, confident, healthy, and independent mover and human being. We’ll get you to 100% and you’ll be equipped to manage your future on your own terms.


Your Brain and Your Pain

Pain is a conversation between your brain and your body. Neural pathways are bustling with information every second of every day. When people say “your pain is in your head” this is what they are referring to. That’s where I come in.

Good news! If the brain can contribute to and prolong pain cycles in the body, it can also repair them. My practice is centered around the concept that most musculoskeletal pains and injuries have a neurological component — meaning, your brain is just as involved in your healing processes as your muscles and joints are.

Painful episodes can lead to anxiety, shame, depression, and frustration — and if we’re not careful, our pain perspective can shape our experience, and our experience can become our reality. My work prioritizes your mental wellbeing so that I can help you break your pain cycle as we build new habits to promote strength and wellness.

Thorough, Whole-Body Care 

Patient-Driven Partnership With No Expiration Date

Autonomy Through Education

Safe Space To Rest, Stretch, and Grow 

 Individualized Treatment Plans 

My Core Values

I am committed to providing every patient with:

Joy Through Movement 

I value what you value.

When we work together, you will:

It’s not over when you’re not in pain. It’s over when you have no limits. 

Be Seen And Heard

I hear you and I believe you. I’m here to listen and treat your whole self.

Get One on One Attention

I focus exclusively on you for our entire session. It’s imperative to me that you feel safe and calm as we work, so I foster an environment of trust, care, privacy, and dependability.

Get Personalized and

Customized Care

My treatment plans are as unique as my patients. Your needs, concerns, hopes, and specific lifestyle goals are the driving force behind my work.

Experience Total-Body Care

I have an extensive background in a variety of techniques, viewpoints, and specialties. Combining these perspectives allows me to treat your whole body including — and beyond — an obvious, acute diagnosis to promote long-lasting, holistic results.

Be Empowered

I educate and equip you with exercise regimens, wellness tools, and flexible
pain management strategies. Once you step away from my guidance, you can approach your activities without fear or hesitancy. 

Be Taken Care Of

Whether you’re my patient for a few weeks or a few years, I’m here for you as a longterm resource in hands-on care and continued education.

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