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How We Work

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At Empower PT, we strive to:

Provide expert, personalized,  holistic care.

Teach you about your body and how to care for it.

Apply movement as a key to health and joy.

Empower you to actively participate in your recovery.

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We value what you value.

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When you work with us, you will:
Be seen and heard

We want to hear your story. No detail that matters to you is insignificant.

Receive 1:1 attention

You will have your therapist's dedicated attention for the full, hour-long session.

Get personalized care

Our treatment plans are as unique as our patients. Each treatment plan is specific to the patient's needs.

Be treated holistically

We look beyond your diagnosis and treat the root cause of your symptoms.

Be empowered

When you leave us, you will approach life without fear or hesitancy to move.

Always have help

We will always be here for you as a resource for your rehab needs.

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Its not over when you're not in pain. It's over when you have no limits.

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