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We provide a wide variety of services and options to treat the whole you.

Think of our work together as a partnership. We're here to listen to you and empower you as you take the reins of your recovery, and steer towards long lasting results.

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Clinic visits

You’ll have your therapist’s complete focus for a full hour in a private and accessible setting with all the tools and resources we’ll need to achieve your goals.

Our Brooklyn office is located at 55 Washington Street, Suite 306 in DUMBO

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Our telehealth sessions are as thorough and focused as our in-person work. Our goal is to meet you wherever you are, and that includes virtual spaces. We will meet you via our secure video platform for 30-60 minutes to discuss your story and your goals and develop a treatment plan tailored to you.

Telehealth sessions are also a convenient option for home-visit patients who wish to continue their treatment remotely. Once I've worked with you in person, we can transition to virtual sessions to periodically check-in, learn new exercises, and answer any future questions you may have.

Conditions we treat

Pelvic Health Conditions

Bladder Conditions

Urinary Incontinence




Painful urination

Interstitial cystitis

Painful bladder syndrome

Sexual Pain & Dysfunction

Pain or difficulty with orgasm

Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation
Decreased arousal
Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

Pain with intercourse (dyspareunia)

Pain with GYN exam or tampon use
Symptoms related to perimenopause or menopause
Painful Periods

Pelvic Pain Conditions

Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Pelvic Congestion
Vestibulodynia & Clitorodynia
Testicular & Penile Pain
Perineal Pain
Pudendal Neuralgia & Neuralgias of the Abdominopelvic Region
Groin Pain
Coccyx Pain
Hernia Related Pain & Dysfunction

Bowel Conditions

Straining & Incomplete Emptying
Painful Bowel Movements
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Fecal Incontinence
Rectal Prolapse

Anal Fissure


Pregnancy and Postpartum

We work with people at all stages of pregnancy to help them feel good in their bodies, and stay active without pain. We help pregnant mothers prepare for delivery, and are there postpartum to get moms feeling like themselves again. We treat a variety of pregnancy and postpartum concerns including:

Pregnancy Related Back & Hip Pain
Urinary Incontinence
Fecal Incontinence
Diastasis Recti

C-Section Scar Management
Perineal Scar Management
Return to Exercise

Orthopedic & Performance Rehab

Orthopedic Conditions

Back, Neck & Pelvic Girdle Pain
Upper & Lower Extremity Pain
Joint Pain & Stiffness
Temporal Mandibular Pain (TMJD)
Muscle, Tendon, & Ligament Injuries
Fractures, Sprains, & Strains

Performance & Sport

Dance Injuries
Athletic Injuries
Injury Prevention
Return to Sport Coaching
Sport Related Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Post Surgical Care

We can work with you right after surgery, or if you’ve hit a plateau, are unsatisfied with your recovery, or still having pain.

Chronic Pain Conditions

Central Sensitization
Chronic Fatigue

Dealing with something not listed above?

Don't worry — these lists aren't the only problems we treat.

How we'll connect

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