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Dr. Julia Rosenthal, DPT, OCS, PRPC

Partnering for Progress 

Empower yourself and your future with personalized care.


You're in the right place.

Finding the right physical therapist can be overwhelming. I am the perfect fit if you're:

Experiencing new pain or discomfort

Dealing with persistent aches or living with chronic pain that seems unmanageable

Anxious to return to sports, performing, or daily activities after an injury or surgery 

Feeling like no one fully understands your discomfort 

Ready to live and move without fear, hesitation, or pain-imposed limits

You’re more than your pain.

I care about more than your diagnosis. In addition to providing hands-on treatment, I teach my patients about their bodies and I empower them with personalized tools, customized exercises, and a plan for living and moving with confidence.

You have the power to heal yourself. I’m here to show you how.

Orthopedic Injuries

I treat a wide range of orthopedic ailments, acute injuries, and chronic pain conditions. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or hoping to make lasting changes in your daily movement routine, I can design a treatment plan to suit your specific needs and goals. No goal is to small - if a movement is meaningful to you, we will work together to help you do it without pain.

Pelvic Health

As a certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner, I provide hands-on care and a multitude of strategies to address pelvic pain, bladder issues, bowel problems, sexual concerns, and pre- and post-natal care. You’d be surprised how many extrinsic factors can significantly affect pelvic floor function. I consider your whole body and lifestyle when crafting a specific, pelvic floor treatment plan for you. I welcome all gender identities in my practice and I provide discreet, safe, private service.

Dance, Fitness, and Sports Rehab

I received my orthopedic certification at the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, and enjoy helping dancers and athletes of all styles and levels return to their sport after injury. Whether you’re coming in for dance medicine therapies, sports rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, or injury prevention coaching, your fitness goals are my priority. Together, we’ll restore movement patterns and break injury cycles so you can get back to the high-intensity exercise that you love.

Virtual Sessions

Not in NYC? No worries! I’m excited to be offering telehealth appointments to remote patients throughout New York State and new Jersey. Telehealth physical therapy allows you to take charge of your symptoms with the resources you have at home plus the guidance of a skilled clinician. Connect with me to devise a plan for remote care.


Julia's pelvic physical therapy has helped me take enormous strides in treating my vaginismus and healing from a recent gynecological operation. Julia is extremely knowledgeable, and her talent for explaining anatomy has helped me feel more in touch with my body than ever before. With her patient and kind bedside manner, she has afforded me both physical and mental comfort, and given me great confidence in my ability to reach recovery milestones. I am very grateful. 


I saw Julia for one session while I was in the US because I was struggling with a long history of hip pain and mobility issues related to dance. The placement corrections Julia gave me have radically improved my technique and the way I approach class. Not only did it solve all my feelings of 'blocked' hips - I'm also now back to the range I was working with when I was doing all my gymnastics training earlier in my career. I've also been able to access my rotators and hamstrings without feeling inhibited through the front of the hip and thigh. Even my dodgy knee feels safer now that I'm not relying on the front of the leg for everything! I've been trying my whole dance life to activate the back of my legs.

Finally, I can!

Julia was the first person who was able to provide relief after about a year of dealing with hypertonic pelvic floor. She was incredibly thoughtful as a practitioner, and was always clear on what physical therapy could (and could not) do. She also was very focused on my quality of life: one of her first questions was what did I want to be able to do again. She has an amazing bedside manner and is always thinking creatively about how to address problems.

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